Place Vendome Mall Qatar

Place Vendome Mall, Qatar

A new home to fashion and luxury. Vendome Mall Qatar is Located in Lusail city. The mall opened recently on the 15th of April 2022. All the globe trotters are excited as u got a new place to visit and explore.

Qatar already has different shopping malls, parking areas, and playing lands but this is something new and exciting as u get everything under one roof.

One can just visit the Vendome mall and can find everything there. There is no hustling for here and there as it contains every necessity of life. You will also find all the national and international products here under one roof.

So don’t be late to visit it. Go get your car and brake it in its parking lot.

The project was signed in 2014 by Qatari investors and was about to open in 2021 but due to COVID-19, some protection measures were imposed which delayed it and brought it to 2022.


It is one of the most luxurious projects located in Lusail. Lusail is a planned city in Qatar located in the southern part of Al- Daayen.

Vendome mall covers an area of about 1,150,000m. It consists of top luxurious hotels, fashion brands, food, entertainment, and showrooms for top and highly rated brands. In short, it’s all in one place.

The mall is a great inspiration for Parisian art and craft. It consists of 4 floors out of which 2 are open for people right now.

The mall is built at another level of excellence and for sure it will attract people belonging from different professions of life.

Who is the owner of Vendome Mall Qatar?

It is a project of united developers it is a group of four Qatari investors who invested to make it a huge project. It’s a very beautiful and nice mall with an interior of Persian art. Soon it will become a hallmark of fashion, luxury, and style.

Here are some details of the Vendome mall. We will discuss it step by step in detail.

Compete for luxury under one roof:

Vendome mall consists of more than 580 stores, including all international and worldwide brands. There will be different and unique cafes, restaurants, and hotels for dining people and family members. They experience the awesome hospitality of the Qatari people.

The mall comprises four floors. There are more than 600 brands, stores, and outlets. They provide you with every accessory related to your opulent and royal lifestyle.

The floors are designed with traditional arts. They are a fusion of traditional and western clothing styles. You can get quality products in the high as well as normal range.

Representing French Culture and Traditions:

It is styled as Paris. It has also famous shopping streets like Paris. The Place Vendome Mall highly reflects Paris culture. The interior part of the Mall is highly reflecting French culture and traditions. It has many resemblances to the streets in France like the noble Rue de la Paix street in Paris.

Representing the French tradition and culture of the French there is also a canal that runs through the center of the Mall. The water of the canal comes directly from the sea.

As Vendome’s interior is a wonderful inspiration to french art and craft. If we talk about the culture of France then we see that it has been shaped by different institutions, groups, internal forces, and historical events.

You can also see a slight touch of rococo architecture in Vendome mall which has been greatly appreciated all over the world.

A Notable Architectural Design:

Vendome mall is of immense importance because of its design and structure. Its design attracts people from all around the world.

The mall has become a center of contemplation because it touched on cultural and traditional elements. Those who are greatly in touch with traditional values and customs have a good taste for this place.

A Sumptuous Collection of Accommodation:

This place is festooned with every kind of facility. Its accommodations are enough to make your holiday a luxurious rememberable trip of your life ever.

If we talk about the stay of different visitors who came for tourism in Qatar then we would suggest Vendome as the best place for their stay. It provides every kind of comfort that one requires.


If you want to get entertained then you are at the right place. The facilities provided by Vendome mall Qatar are not just limited to hotels, living or shopping, etc. It is also a source of family entertainment.

There are different sources of entertainment like:

  • The parks and playing areas there can entertain you.
  • If we talk about entertainment how can we miss the cinema? This mall could be the best theater experience.
  • The mall has a canal feature that passes from the mall to the sea. Around it, the visitors can sit to enjoy their food.
  • There is a musical fountain. The water dancing to the beats of music is something splendor to watch.

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As you all know food is life. Without it, one can do nothing. Vendome mall provides the best food from the best chefs in the world.

You can get a variety of food here. It could be of different tastes, continents, and regions.

If we talk about food how can we forget CZN?

Burak Ozdemir a famous Turkish chef is going to open his branch here to make people relish his food.

CZN Burak one of the main Turkish brands of food will also have a restaurant at the Vendome Mall.

He will have his first branch open at the Restaurant also which will provide a variety of food and tastes to Qatari people.

You will get his famous dishes here such as:

  • Oversized kebabs
  • Desserts
  • Baked steak with salt
  • Stuffed ribs
  • Baked lamb shank

Best features of Vendome mall:

The best feature of Vendome mall is that there is everything under one roof. This is the most attractive thing for the visitors as they don’t have to go here and there. They can get everything under one roof.

Some important facts about Vendome Mall Qatar

  • Beautiful fountains are also very appealing for visitors to visit. There is also a lot of work on 3d Architecture lasers outside the Mall. There are also restaurants and small cafes at the bank of the canal where people can enjoy a healthy lifestyle and environment according to their needs.
  • Overall it has been a great place for visitors to visit and enjoy the French traditions and culture.
  • There are also Five-star extremely luxurious hotels for visitors. The hotel capacity at the Mall is great and various types of rooms are also available. They are based on the needs and budgets of a person.
  • Moreover, Mall has also various apartments and up to 600 different outlets with the world, top designer labels at them. One can also see multiple brands like Loius Vuitton, Gucci, Denim, etc in the Mall.
  • There will be a great chance for visitors to experience world-class architecture inside the interior.
  • The building has also different types of shop categories which include high-end shops, medium-range shops, and also small shops.

Moreover one can also see a variety of entertainment facilities at the Mall. There are also beverages, drinks, and food facilities on all of the four floors of the Mall but unluckily, for now, only 2 floors will be open for the public to visit.

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