Culture of Qatar and its Lifestyle

Culture of Qatar and its Lifestyle

Qatar is a country with a population of approximately 2.8 million people. People living in Qatar are very religious. The culture of Qatar is also very well known for its dignity.

Most of them follow the eastern culture. The majority of women like to be in purdah. In other words, it would be better to say that Qatar is a religious country.


Culture of Qatar

A small peninsula located on the northeastern Arabian coast. It is an independent emirate on the west coast of the Persian Gulf. It is an Arabian country with Doha as its capital. Doha is the home of most of the inhabitants of the country.


The current population of Qatar based on the analysis of world meter elaboration is 2,967,127. 96.2% of the population is urban. Qatar has always amazing world with its beauty and architecture but what about its culture.

Culture in Qatar:

The traditions and culture of Qatar are highly influenced by Islam. Qatar follows Islamic moral values and ethics. Religion has highly influenced the people living in Qatar. They have strong moral values followed by Islamic principles.

If we talk about dining etiquette then specifically in Qatar they followed in a certain way. Firstly we will move toward the dress code of Qatar.

Dresses for men in Qatar:

Keeping in view the Islamic customs and traditions, men in Qatar wear a full-length kandura which is white usually.

Dresses for women in Qatar:

If we talk about the dress of women in Qatar they are expected to wear a full-length black dress which is known as Abaya.

Dinner invitation to a Qatari house:

If you are ever invited to a house of Qatari nationals then try your best not to miss a chance. They are very friendly and overwhelming. Qataris are best in their hospitality so why would you reject it?

Art of Qatar:

Qatar being an Arabic country is very famous for its art and craft. Its unique art is very appealing to visitors and globetrotters.

Pre-Historic Art:

If we talk about historic art then rock carvings have been discovered in eight separate locations in Qatar. Those locations are as follows:

There are more than 900 cravings for art. Other cravings also include tribal marks, footprints, animals, and ships. If we talk about animals, we come across animals such as turtles, fish, ostriches, etc.

The Religion and Culture of Qatar:

Religion is a very important part of Qatari culture. If we talk about religion then Islamic religion is followed in Qatar moreover the government of Qatar is linked to the Islamic shariah. The majority of the Qatari population follows Islam as their religion.

Are religions other than Islam, what about them? If we talk about this then we see that Islam is on the top but still people are expected to follow other religions which are prohibited strongly by the Qatari government.


Arabic is the official language of Qatar. English is used as a second language. The Arabic language has played a vital role in the development of the culture of Qatar. English is also used for communication purposes in business, commerce, exports, and imports and especially at the international level. Due to people of multi-cultures residing in Qatar, many other languages are being spoken in the country. They are as follows:

  • Baluchi
  • Persian
  • Hindi
  • Malayalam
  • Urdu
  • Pashto
  • Tamil
  • Nepali
  • Tulu
  • Kannada
  • Tagalog
  • Indonesian

In addition to this let’s take an example of various words of English that are translated into Arabic.

Yes = Aiwa/Na’am
No = Lah
Please = Min fadhlak
Thank you = Shukran
Welcome = Marhaba
How are you = kef Halak?
I am well, thank you = Alhumdulliah
Good bye = Ma’al salaama

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Opportunities in Qatar:

Qatar is a country with various opportunities. In this country, people also get multiple opportunities for jobs and work to live a quality life. Moreover, there are also very fertile opportunities for overseas.

Lifestyle in Qatar:

As far as the lifestyle of Qatar is concerned people living here enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. The country also offers a quality lifestyle to visitors who come to enjoy and spend their quality time here.


In the culture of Qatar, most marriages are arranged whereas the family of the groom including his sisters and mother visits the bride of s family to analyze their lifestyle and living to match the bride and groom.

Mostly arranged marriages are encouraged in Qatar whereas marriages between Qataris and Gulf Arabs are common. Moreover, marriages with non-gulf citizens are discouraged.


As far as etiquette are concerned Qataris are famous for their hospitality, respectful social behavior, family privacy, and morality.

In addition to this if we talk about gender discrimination in Qatar then we would say that it is strongly encouraged as keeping in view the family privacy the unknown males are not greeted happily but in a reserved manner.

Some of the Qatari females also feel comfortable shaking hands with males and some don’t.

What are the traditions of Qatar?

The Ramadan canon is the most important tradition which is carried out in Qatar today.

It symbolizes the breaking of the fast in Ramadan by firing a canon around the places like Doha, Katara and Souq waqif, etc.

Facts about Qatari culture:

The culture of Qatar is influenced by traditional Bedouin culture. The peninsula is also facing harsh climatic conditions due to which its citizens to the sea for a living.

10 important facts about Qatar:

Some important facts about the culture of Qatar.

  • Proper dressing
  • Less handshaking between opposite genders
  • Hospitality
  • Respected social behavior
  • Time is slower
  • Don’t stare too long
  • Don’t use bad language
  • Be professional during working hours
  • Majority of Muslims
  • Be punctual

Qatar Ethnic Relations:

It was the time when in the 1760s the members of the Al-Khalifa Tribe packed up and migrated to Qatar from different countries including Kuwait and Arabia. On their arrival, they established a commercial system in the North of the country namely Zubarah.

That was the time when The Al-Khalifa tribe occupied Bahrain. After then in 1867, Mohammad Bin Thani was the first person recognized by Britain as the Leader of the Qatari People.

Some years later his former Qasim Al-Thani accepted the governance of the noble Turks who were then ruling the Ottoman empire.

They were trying to establish authority in the region while on the other hand, Qasim Al-Thani defeated the Turks which confirmed the Qatar Foundation. After Qasim Al-Thani, his younger son Abdullah bin Qasim Al-Thani became the ruler.

His family was accepted as the Ruling Family when he signed an agreement with Britain. After that, he strengthened his economy through oil concessions.

When Britain ruled out Qatar, Qatar then joined the federation with the Trucial States and with Bahrain.

Qatar also announced its deceleration in 1971 and became independent. It was stated in the constitution that the ruler of the state will only be chosen from The Al-Thani family.

Urbanism and Architecture:

The Capital of Qatar, Doha houses almost its 80% population. Some different parks and promenades are considered to be the centerpiece of Doha. Several towns enhance the culture and architecture of Qatar.

They are Um Said, Dukhan and Al Khor. They are not only well known for their beauty but they are also oil-centered they have vast reserves of oil. Rayyan, Um Salal Mohammed, and Wakrah are the suburban places in Doha. Desert Nomads are found in the villages and smaller villages are also home to the urban residents.

As in Architecture, the thoughts were carried out on the base of aesthetics. There was quick development but the development was made based on symbolizing Qatar as a Global and Urban integration.

Designs were mainly based on the Nation’s past. The main university building has also cube-shaped towers that are located beautifully on the roof whereas these towers were made with Geometric patterns and glass.

They were only made to show the dignity of Qatar’s commitment to its culture and lifestyle. There are also many examples found in private and government buildings.

There are vast buildings designed based on the culture of Qatar that is representative of the country.

Food of Qatar:

Which is the famous food of Qatar?
There is also a variety of traditional dishes for which Qatar is famous. The top of them are as follows:

  • Saloona
  • Margo
  • Machboos
  • Ballet
  • Harees
  • Luqaimat
  • Thread
  • Maroubra

Traditional Dish of Qatar:

Machboos is a traditional dish that is offered at Qatar restaurants.

The Qatari people enjoy a lot of Food variety so if you are a Foodie then you won’t be in the wrong place!

Qatar is also very well known for its different types of tastes. Their main meal is at the midday when the whole family enjoys the meal together.

Qatari People eat several types of foods. In Qatar, Arabian Coffee is one of the best things.

Machboos is also a dish that comprises different flavors of seafood and different meats.
Dates are also very popular in Qatar.

Public Behavior in Qatar:

Qatar is a country that follows Islam as its religion. In Islam, it is also very strongly prohibited to pass bad remarks on anyone so it is an important thing in Qatar to avoid using any kind of remarks in public.

If you are going to have a meal at any fancy place or to view the heritage of Qatar it is against the culture of Qatar to use bad language and bully someone in public.
No one is allowed to talk to any opposite gender as it is considered against the culture of Qatar.

Festivals of Qatar:

Festivals are part of the culture of Qatar in one way or the other. There are different types of cultural festivals such as:

  • National
  • Religious
  • Seasonal

They all bring happiness, connectivity, and unity among the people of a specific nation. Moreover, when we talk about festivals of Qatar we see there are several festivals celebrated in Qatar that are as follows:

  • Ajyal film festival
  • Doha cultural festival
  • Katara Traditional Dhow festival
  • Eid UL Fitr
  • Aspire international kite festival
  • Qatar international food festival

The most important among them is Ramadan. The holy month of Ramadan carries major importance in Qatar. As the majority of the population in Qatar is Muslim so Ramadan is the most important festival in Qatar.

People celebrate it with utmost respect and dignity and it brings peace and happiness to their lives. During this holy month, Muslims fast and pay their obligation to Allah Almighty.

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