Lusail Stadium to Host the Finale for FIFA World Cup Qatar

Lusail Stadium to Host the Finale for FIFA World Cup Qatar

This time Qatar is making its mark in the sports field by hosting the FIFA world cup 2022 for the very first time.

Lusail Stadium Qatar is the biggest stadium and stage for this year’s FIFA world cup final. Its finale will take place on the 18th of December 2022. Qatar has grid up its loin to host one of the greatest sporting events.

The world’s largest and most magnificent event will be held in Qatar for the first time in history. The Qatari government has tried its best to make people cherish every single moment of it.


The world cup will be held in eight sumptuous stadiums with appealing facilities. Qatar has already inaugurated seven stadiums and is ready to go for the eighth one, which is the final one. The Lusail Stadium.

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Lusail Stadium

Fifa World cup Final will be held in the Lusail Stadium. It is one of the most eye-catching Football stadiums in the country. The opening ceremony of the World cup will be followed by a Musical concert.

A very well-known singer is going to rock the stage but the name of the singer is not revealed yet. Also, there will be Qatar Stars league trial match on the 11th of August. It will be played between Al Rayaan and Al Arabi to check the operational readiness.

Lusail Stadium Location

It is having a capacity of 80,000 people. It is in the north of the capital of Qatar, Doha. It is located in Lusail City.

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Fifa World Cup Finale 2022

Interestingly, Lusail stadium has the authority to host the FIFA Qatar 2022. The final match will be held on December 18, 2022. It will also host different matches at the start of the FIFA Qatar world cup 2022. The First match to be played at Lusail stadium will be between Saudi Arabia and Argentina on 22 November 2022. Both teams belong to group C. Total sum of 10 matches will be played at Lusail stadium.

Lusail stadium Design and Architecture

Lusail stadium is also a live example of the culture of Qatar as its shape is inspired by art pieces, bowls, and vessels which are very famous all across the Arabian peninsula. It is a perfect example of the culture and heritage that the Qatari government posses.

There are also various combinations of lights and shadows in the stadium. It is a sumptuous tradition in Arabian countries which is commonly known as Fanar.

Hassan Al Thawadi about Lusail Stadium

He is the current secretary general of the supreme committee mainly known as SC for delivery and legacy said that:

” To show off the Lusail stadium is our primary milestone ahead of the great tournament the Fifa world cup. He also said that this stadium will put a good impression on visitors that how Qatar organized the Fifa world cup this year and how people got entertained”.

Nasar Al Khater, CEO of Fifa World Cup 2022

His views about Lusail Stadium are:

“Lusail stadium Qatar will provide a magnificent stage and viewers to this year’s FIFA Qatar world cup. This will be one of the greatest milestones to entertain the people to their best and to create a friendly environment between people during the Qatar FIFA world cup 2022”.

Why Lusail?

Lusail is the most valuable and indispensable place in Qatar. This venue is surrounded by trees, jogging, walking, and cycling tracks where people can come for great morn freshness. This environment is the very first reason for the Qatari government to make Lusail Stadium one of the most amazing places for the FIFA world cup 2022.

The Fate of Lusail Stadium after FIFA WORLD CUP

As it has been covered by a very vast area so the Qatari government has decided to transform it into a community space including shopping malls, coffee shops, schools, cafes, medical facilities, and some other important spots for people.

How to reach the Lusail Stadium by Metro

Sports City Metro station (Gold line) is within walking distance of only 10 minutes. Stadium Express Buses will also move between stadium Express Bus Hubs. To make it more accessible for the people the car parking is located close to the stadium.

Facilities at Lusail Stadium

As Qatar is hosting a world cup and is doing all kinds of preparations for the final world cup. Qatar is facilitating its audiences at all costs. To keep them safe from the scorching heat of the dazzling sun they have made the preparations for ACs in the stadiums.

As the temperature of Qatar in November ranges from an average high of 29°C during the day time an average low of 19°C at night. So air conditioners are needed for an hour for the audience. In addition to this accessible parking options will also be available.

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Expenditure on Fifa World Cup 2022 by Qatar

Qatar will spend more than $220 billion on the upcoming festival. But this will also boost Qatar’s economy by holding the world’s most incredible football tournament.

Importance of Lusail Stadium

By hosting an event in Lusail, Qatar has given itself a chance to promote Arab culture all over the world. As different people belonging to different places having distinct sects and religions will visit Qatar for the magnificent football tournament. So, Qatar will leave no stone unturned to promote its culture all over the globe.


To wind up all, everyone is welcomed at the Lusail, the most fascinating stadium in Qatar to relish every moment of it and enjoy it. This would be a golden chance for them to see, talk and have autographs of their favorite players. So, don’t wait at all tight your seat belts, and get ready for Fifa World Cup in Lusail Stadium Qatar.

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