Staff needed for IT and CS, Part time jobs in Qatar 2024

Staff needed for IT and CS, Part time jobs in Qatar

Are you looking for part time jobs in Qatar, look no further as the University of Doha is currently looking to hire Faculty for Computer Science, IT, and Business Department.

The University of Doha for Science and Technology (UDST) is a renowned institution that focuses on providing high-quality education in the fields of science and technology. Located in Doha, Qatar, UDST offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs to students from around the world.

UDST is known for its state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge research opportunities. The university places great emphasis on practical learning experiences, ensuring that students are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their chosen fields.

With a diverse faculty comprising experts from various disciplines, UDST offers a rich academic environment that fosters innovation and critical thinking. Students at UDST have access to modern laboratories, research centers, and specialized resources that support their academic pursuits.

In addition to its academic offerings, UDST is committed to community engagement and social responsibility. The university actively collaborates with industry partners, government organizations, and non-profit institutions to address societal challenges through research projects and initiatives.

Overall, the University of Doha for Science and Technology (UDST) stands as a leading educational institution in Qatar, providing students with an excellent platform for intellectual growth, career development, and making meaningful contributions to society.

Job Details

Job Title: Computer Science, IT, and Business School Staff, Part time jobs in Qatar.

Company/Industry: University of Doha (UDST)

Job Type: Part-time

Location: Doha, Qatar

List of Part time Jobs in Qatar at UDST

UDST invites faculty for part-time jobs in Qatar for the following discipline areas:

For the College of IT and Computer Science

  • Information Technology
  • Software Engineering
  • Cybersecurity
  • Information Systems
  • Data Science and AI
  • Digital Communication and Media Production

Part time jobs in Qatar for the College of Business

  • Accounting
  • Human Resource Management
  • Banking and Financial Technology
  • Digital Marketing


  • Masters and Ph.D. in respective areas.
  • 3 years of minimum teaching experience.
  • Certification as a professional in the relevant field.
  • It is ideal if you have a diploma in education (post-secondary, adult, or vocational).
  • eight or more years of experience working as a professional or practitioner in the relevant field.
  • Experience instructing in a postsecondary, adult education, or business training setting.
  • Experience with technology-based projects including both innovation and leadership.

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