COVID-19 vaccine in Qatar is effective against the new Delta variant.

COVID-19 vaccine in Qatar is effective against the new Delta variant.

According to Dr. Yousef Al Maslamani, Medical Director of Hamad General Hospital, The Covid-19 vaccine in Qatar, are pretty effective against the new Delta form.

He added that vaccinations protect people from critical conditions that could result in hospitalization.

Vaccinated people may acquire a little infection, whereas unvaccinated people may face a serious infection and require hospitalization and ICU treatment.

“Vaccination has proven to be safe and successful so far,” he said, “but the latest study shows that even vaccinated people can transmit the infection to unvaccinated people.”

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“This is why we continue to encourage individuals to take preventive measures such as wearing face masks, keeping a minimum of 2m distance from others, and sanitizing their hands properly after touching anything”.

Dr. Al Maslamani urged people to get vaccinated and, stressing that the COVID-19 vaccine has been given to over 4,500 million people worldwide with no major side effects.

He claimed that the COVID-19 vaccination includes well-known side effects that people have reported, such as a mild temperature that lasts two days.

Dr. Al Maslamani asked people to come out as soon as possible to get their COVID-19 vaccine in Qatar so that the community can be safeguarded.

He praised Qataris for taking preventative measures and participating in the National Vaccination Campaign, which has resulted in millions of people being vaccinated.

“Infection cases are nearly stable. Last week, there was a slight rise due to Eid Al Adha family visits,” Dr. Al Maslamani explained.

The Delta version of COVID-19, according to Dr. Al Maslamani, is rapidly spreading across nations, including Qatar.

Qatar decided to postpone the fourth phase of eliminating COVID-19 limitations and amend phase 3 due to the large number of persons traveling in Qatar who could be possible hosts for the new variation.

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